Brace Yourself

It absolutely never fails, but every single year I will injure myself in some random way. 2012: Dogbite to the lip. 2013: Scratched eye in sleep. For this year, I’ve told friends and co-workers everything from biking accident to street fight when they question the brace on my knee. When the kiddos I work with […]

Change of Plans

On second thought, I really like my junk drawer. One just might get more love than the other, but I’ll keep this blog. I had a few heart-to-hearts with some family and friends over the weekend about my desire to go back to school. While they want me to do what is best for me, […]


It’s May! This means the A-Z Blogging Challenge is over for this year. I wanted to knock it out of the park, but life gets in the way (as it always seems to do). My smug friends always say that we make time for what’s important. If I was going to make it through work […]

Irresistible Urges

Checking for zombies in the backseat. Especially at night. I know I’m not the only one. Catching myself singing along to “Let it Go” even though I can’t stand it anymore. Making babies laugh. Always a treat :) Pretending to throw a toy for the dog with the hope that she’ll retrieve one I’m too […]

The Truth

If it weren’t for some of the sweet comments I received, I may have just thrown in the towel. I have between now and the end of October to polish posts for the month of November. Then I have November to the end of March to prepare for the next A-Z Challenge. I’m trying to […]

From K to O

Just Kidding – Well, I thought I was going to bounce right back. Maybe for the next 3 years I’ll give NaBloWriMo a shot, because April is obviously an awful time for me to do a challenge. First time I tried it, Mom was dying. Second time, I’m sick and stressed by the end of […]

From G to J

Pardon my absence. Still on the mend, but I am sure by Monday I will have this yuck and muck 100 percent out of my system. Since I’m behind on more than just this challenge, I’ll briefly touch on the posts I missed here. It’s probably breaking the rules, but I won’t consider it a […]

A Few Favorites

I think I’ve made this list once before. Since it’s been a few years, I’ll revisit it. It’s a fun and easy list to come up with for the challenge. A few of my favorites, from A-Z: Apples: With peanut butter. Bicycle: I love riding down by the river. Crushed Red Peppers: For more than […]

A Little Exposure

Since it’s taking me a while to bounce back from being sick (and since I really want to catch up on the challenge), I thought I’d finally share the link to my little photography blog: Not much is up, but I’m hoping that changes soon. Now to get my F post up before midnight!

Just (Don’t) Do It

A whole year of online dating has passed me by. What do I have to show for it? Not a man, that’s for sure. What I am certain of is that the stories and lessons from the experience have helped me to grow as a woman and a dater, while giving me something to look […]


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