From K to O

Just Kidding – Well, I thought I was going to bounce right back. Maybe for the next 3 years I’ll give NaBloWriMo a shot, because April is obviously an awful time for me to do a challenge. First time I tried it, Mom was dying. Second time, I’m sick and stressed by the end of […]

From G to J

Pardon my absence. Still on the mend, but I am sure by Monday I will have this yuck and muck 100 percent out of my system. Since I’m behind on more than just this challenge, I’ll briefly touch on the posts I missed here. It’s probably breaking the rules, but I won’t consider it a […]

A Few Favorites

I think I’ve made this list once before. Since it’s been a few years, I’ll revisit it. It’s a fun and easy list to come up with for the challenge. A few of my favorites, from A-Z: Apples: With peanut butter. Bicycle: I love riding down by the river. Crushed Red Peppers: For more than […]

A Little Exposure

Since it’s taking me a while to bounce back from being sick (and since I really want to catch up on the challenge), I thought I’d finally share the link to my little photography blog: Not much is up, but I’m hoping that changes soon. Now to get my F post up before midnight!

Just (Don’t) Do It

A whole year of online dating has passed me by. What do I have to show for it? Not a man, that’s for sure. What I am certain of is that the stories and lessons from the experience have helped me to grow as a woman and a dater, while giving me something to look […]

Cough and Carry On

I was going to try to push through until the weekend, but this lung infection got the best of me. I ended up calling in sick to work after spending the entire night coughing. I think the whole “carrying on” bit is what got me into trouble in the first place. Now I’m snuggled up […]

B is for Bronchitis

Six days of constant hacking and gasping and just generally not feeling my best, I found an urgent care to get myself checked out. Actually, I was asked to leave a few hours early because I was scaring my co-workers. I’ve tried 5 OTC meds AND cough drops with no relief, so I’m hoping the […]

From A to Z

Another year, another attempt at the A-Z blogging challenge. I don’t know if I’ll be successful this year, but I know I’ll keep trying until I am. I hope keeping things short and simple will be the answer. I’ve sorted out what my other topics will be, which are totally random. I just want to […]

Strand by Strand

I was just joking in that last post about losing my hair. I mentioned the hair shedding bit just being dramatic, but it’s actually happening! People keep asking if I think it’s my nerves or stress, but I don’t think so. This is the most relaxed my life has been in a very long time […]

Slow and Steady

I have never felt so simultaneously hopeful, ambitious, confused and depressed in my entire life. At this time yesterday, I was straight up ugly crying. I’m telling you, I was a snot-dripping,┬áhyperventilating, woebegone, woe-is-me mess. And┬ásomeone had the nerve to eat my little pack of Cadbury Mini Eggs! I know. So dramatic. Premenstrual symptoms aside, […]


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